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The geek shall inherit the earth

The damn Festival is well and truly here. Friday, the 4th, was the first day of August as far as hoteliers are concerned. The hotel is full of idiots. The streets are packed with people wandering aimlessly and occasionally pointing at maps and then at buildings. The pavements are littered with discarded flyers and there's a massive explosion every evening at about half ten, from the fireworks at the Tattoo, that rattles my windows in Bruntsfield two kilometres away.

On the way out today I performed the single most perfect contemptuous dismissal of an overeager leafletter (as if there's any other kind), with a dismissive handwave that sent them scurrying. It was just as if I'd already had the whole month to practice. I then completely ruined the effect by announcing, Did you SEE that?! did you? to all and sundry nearby.

stormsearch and I met up with cairmen for Plaisir du Chocolat. Seventy-three per cent cacao solids will do strange things to my psyche. Before I'd started on my second cup, during a discussion about Moondial, I was describing it as the Tom's Midnight Garden of HELL!... sundial of SATAN!... ornamental garden pond of DEATH! and coming up with puns about the Big Bad Beowulf.

We discussed at least three excellent business ideas, one of which involves Patrick Stewart, and fictional characters we'd like to fuck. After lunch at theauldhoose and three pints of Fraoch, J and I headed off to meet digitalraven and grendelsmere.

I have been going out with J now for over three years. I never realised until now that she knows `I Know Him So Well' almost as well as I do. Her knowledge of the rest of `Chess' was, of course, extremely lacking, but this was enough for us to piss off about half of the Fringegoers with perfect harmonies as we walked along the Cowgate. It transpires that after an additional five years of tobacco and alcohol abuse I still do a bloody good Florence, although I suspect I'm better suited to Svetlana these days.

Then we both forgot the words to the Overture from `Phantom', which was probably just as well. And it turns out that the only copy of it I have on my mp3 player is the instrumental version (I like organs, okay?), so I'm not entirely sure how I ever knew the words at all.

The four of us went to see Toby Hadoke do Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, which was utterly bloody marvellous and which I have reviewed here. Go see it. Except for those of you who aren't in Edinburgh, in which case get here, then go see it.

(Oh look, he's doing a Festival Blog!)

Going to see Dylan Moran on Wednesday and I suspect that will be about as much Fringe stuff as I have time for. I have arranged for some holiday immediately after August finishes.

Today, though, was a good day.
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